By reading “Pain Process Purpose: The 3Ps To Finding Your Spiritual Identity”, You will:

  • Learn that you can’t get around pain, but you will get the tools you need to go through it!
  • Learn the value of yourself!
  • Understand that relationships, death, and so much more can play a role in your pain, but you have a choice to not let it define you!
  • Learn that the process will strengthen you and teach you who God wants you to be!
  • Understand the power of the love of God
  • Learn strategies to go from “Pain to Purpose”
  • Learn that there is something that this world needs that can only be supplied by you!
  • Learn that on the other side of pain is a new version of you!

By Working through the “Pain Process Purpose Workbook”, You Will…

  • Get to the nitty gritty of your pain and the evaluation of yourself
  • Go through each section of pain process and purpose with extensive exercises to produce personal growth
  • Empower yourself to move to the next level!
  • Learn how to maximize your potential leading you into purpose
  • Cry, Laugh, Be Happy, Angry, Sad, and Mad, but in the end you will GROW!


A brief look inside:

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  • You may encounter pain, but there will be that process that strengthens you and teaches you to be who God needs you to be
  • We must learn to listen when God tells us that there is a plan
  • Everything in this world, even spiritually, takes consistency and discipline.
  • True love is found only in God
  • It wasn’t easy to be in limbo. It wasn’t easy to look at myself in the mirror and tell myself that God has something greater for me when it seemed like life was happening for everyone except me. I had to learn that it wasn’t m season. It wasn’t my time. I wasn’t ready yet, but was on the right path”

We don’t just experience pain and forget it. Pain will take us through a process.

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