Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to network your way to success?

I want to talk to you about how you can network with any person with these simple suggestions! Most people say the best way to success is through relationships! First of all, I definitely agree. The problem that I had is that no one would tell me exactly how to build those relationships. Sounds crazy, right? Maybe it’s just me, but I did not understand how to attract the right people to get the results I was looking for. I had to learn through my own research and trial and error, but I’m here to give to you for FREE! 🙂

Nevertheless, networking is the most efficient way to build solid relationships! The more relationships you build, the more money you make! Your network is your net worth, and your network stems from learning to effectively connect with people. Not learning how to effectively sell to people, but effectively CONNECT!

Furthermore, I want to share some ideas that can transform the relationships that you build from this day forward 🙂

  1. Be Genuine & Authentic. People respect people who are just themselves. So, don’t become the person that does and says what you think people want to see and hear. Be the person who is completely themselves no matter what, and you will begin to attract people who actually want to hear what you have to say versus you having to put on a show for people. No matter the tier of person you want to attract, it always applies. People find credibility and trust in the people who are comfortable within their own skin. I am confident in who I am regardless of if I’m in the room with millionaires or the “average Joe.” Therefore, your goal should be with EVERY person you meet to see your genuine and authentic self.
  2. Servant Leadership is the Name of the Game. So, here’s the average scenario.  You are at the bottom of the totem pole in a room full of people who you know you want to connect with. You could be working an event for some key people, or even brought to the event as a guest. However, you are not “in the network,” but you know that is your goal. Whats the best thing to do? The truth is, people are attracted to people who serve. Serve your way to success! Every time you step in a room with the right people for you, be  determined to connect with them and find a way to serve. My natural ability to serve first allowed me to have a foot in the door. Offer your help, your suggestions, and become a wanted and needed resource. It is vital to fill a need and become valuable to people. Servant Leadership is about serving first, then leading. My network has been consistently excelling since I became a servant leader. I have created relationships off of this very principle over and over and over again. Find how you can serve first, and lead second.
  3. Strategize your relationships. Have a solid plan. What are your intentions for networking?  Strategize the events you want to attend based upon your intentions, your position, your friendships, and well everything! Surround yourself where the people you intend to meet will be, and be prepared. Be ready to introduce yourself and have your elevator pitch down to a science. You have to sit down and plan your intentions. Building strategic relationships is important. There are a lot of relationships that I currently have that I strategically mapped out my intentions and watched the plan execute. Don’t be creepy, but plan out the type of people you want to be connected to and strategize the relationship. Build a plan and have intentions on your goals with each relationship you build. Relationships are vital.
  4. Form a genuine connection! People gravitate towards people they connect with. As you are networking and building relationships, it is vital that you don’t treat the relationship as a business ONLY, even though you may be doing business! A genuine connection with people is what sustains all relationships. Get to know who you are strategically connecting with. Do not get to know them for what they can do for you, but get to know them and find a genuine connection. Find a topic that you connect on. Find a mutual bond between the relationship. Where do you and that person connect?  Evaluate if the person is a great fit for you. Make sure that you have a sustainable relationship. People network and connect with people they like and relate to, and in those moments of networking, always remember the genuine connection is important!
  5. Take initiative in the follow-up. Some people forget your initial introduction. Truthfully, they are humans! (hopefully, your connection was so stellar that it couldn’t be forgotten :), but if not, we have a back up) The backup is in the follow-up! Take initiative to follow-up so that you are remembered! Most people want to help people. Most people truly love a genuine person with a heart to serve who they had a genuine connection with, but take the initiative and follow-up with them. What can you bring up in the follow-up to re-birth that connection in their memory? Put all bets on you, and have a strong follow-up. The people who follow-up and keep the connection are the people who stay in the circles they want to be in. Follow up strong!
  6. Ask for advice! As you are networking, don’t be the person that always needs something and is always asking for a favor. You have to remain valuable. Therefore, in these relationships that you are forming, seek advice rather than favors. Knowledge is power.  For instance,  if this is the relationship that can get you an interview with the top leader in the industry,  you probably shouldn’t ask, “Can you get me an interview with so and so?” Nevertheless, what you can ask is, “What are your thoughts about this industry or person (if they know the person).”You may also ask, “If you were going to market to this industry, what would be attractive aspects to put in a resume?” Make it a conversation, and give insights and thoughts about their business as well. Make it a conversation that leads to advice on both ends. If they don’t necessarily ask advice, make suggestions about something you noticed in their business that could help increase their platform. Give and receive advice and strategically get your questions answered in conversation!
  7. Listen Listen Listen Linda :)! Finally, the easiest way to find out what people need or want is to listen. In basic conversation, people tell you exactly what they are looking for, you just have to listen. When you meet these great people, listen to their advice, their frustrations, their business structure, and their concerns. As you listen, strategically think how you could serve their problems, and figure out how you could become a valuable asset in their solution. Listen and fill in the gaps. Listening first has helped me excel my elevator pitch and make myself valuable in relationships. It’s the way we continue to network our way to success!

Since I applied these seven tips to my networking strategy, my life has changed. My relationships grow every day! I attract the people I intentionally strategize to serve. As a result, I was able to get a millionaire, Jewel Tankard, to write the foreword to my book, Pain Process Purpose, with ease. She wanted to be apart of what I was doing!  I learned how to network my way to success and you can too! Take these ideas that I used and apply them to your networking plan. I would definitely LOVE to hear how it works out for you! Please leave comments! Also, please like my Facebook page! I would love to network with you all the time 🙂


Chanel Chase

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